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With every website, comes your choice of maintenance plan with hosting included.   Choose what you need now and update as you continue to grow!


Maintenance Plans

Dominate + ($60/month)

Content Management - Update your site quickly and easily. Manage pages and page templates and more.

Site Analytics - Track key analytics to understand every facet of your online business. The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to make quick, smart decisions based on solid information.

Web Forms - We can create dynamic, lead generating custom forms for a one time set-up fee.

Social Media Sharing - Easily integrate with social media by adding share buttons. We can create custom social media feeds for a one time set-up fee.

Phone & Tablet Support - make sure your site looks beautiful across a growing range of devices with phone and tablet support.

Hosted Email Accounts - Keep your business and email in the same place with 10 free personalized business accounts.  (additional email accounts can be purchased)


Dominate Marketing ($75/month)

Targeted Email Marketing - Build targeted customer lists based on information gathered from any part of your on-line business and reach out to them with personalized email marketing campaigns.  Learn more about Email Marketing here.

Blogging Engine - We can build a powerful community around your business through developing your blog for a one time set-up fee. Keep your customers up to date with your business, and keep your business up to date with their ideas and comments.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database - Build customer profiles, handle orders and inquiries, or capture customer interactions with your business.   Learn more about CRM here.

Built-in Modules -We can develop built-in modules for a one time set-up fee which include, but are not limited to: News/FAQ, Ad Rotators, and Photo Galleries that would be accessible by you to edit and update.

*Also includes everything in Dominate +


Dominate Commerce ($100/month)

E-Commerce Platform - Manage and sell your products online, collecting payments across the globe with a wide range of integrated payment gateways.

Business Reporting - Generate custom business reports based on your customer database and sales data.

Event Bookings - Create events and allow your customers to book their spot using an interactive calendar. Sell seats and send event reminders with automatic email follow-ups.

*Also includes everything in Dominate + and Dominate Marketing


Support Plans

Support plans are necessary when you would require more than 5 text/picture/pdf changes  on a regular basis or require more than the Dominate Support plan.


Dominate Support (included)

Support Guidelines: Support will be given in the event that the site/email is down or is not working properly.  This does not include instances where the client caused the issue.

This support includes:

  • Website hosting server is down
  • Website is operating at slow speeds
  • Website functionality is not working properly
  • Email server is down
  • Email is operating at slow speeds
  • Email functionality is not working properly
  • Trouble with accessing your website/email
  • Billing related items
  • Moving email accounts from another vendor to our platform (this does not include the transfer of emails themselves)
  • Up to 5 PDF, photo or text changes per month

This plan does not include (but is not limited to):

  • Personal help setting up features to external sources (Quick Books, outlook, etc.)
  • Documentation will be provided and Dominator Websites will assist in helping you locate the documentation.
  • Training and/or assistance on how to use the system beyond what is outlined in the training section.


Dominate Support Premium $45

15 days of Free Changes: Dominator Websites will make free minor changes (defined under platinum support) up to 15 days after the go-live date of the site.

Support Guidelines:  At this level Dominator Websites will assist clients with their requests. We will double the amount of changes made = 10 text/picture/pdf changes per month or in the month this package is selected.

This support includes:

Everything included in the level 1 plan +

  • Assistance related to any website functionality including (but not limited to):
  • Catalogs
  • Products
  • Announcements
  • Email Campaigns
  • CRMs
  • Web Forms
  • Blogs
  • Secure Zones

This support does NOT include:

  • Over 1 hour of phone/on-location assistance on website functionality per session.


Dominator Support Platinum $150

Minor Updates over and above those outlined in the Premium package:

  • text changes
  • image changes
  • changing navigation items
  • designing/modifying a page body
  • changing meta data
  • updating favicon
  • assistance in adding e-commerce products
  • cropping and adjusting photos for e-commerce
  • deleting pages
  • rollback of pages
  • help in creation of product upload file
  • setting up new shipping gateways
  • setting up a payment gateways
  • adding photos to the photo gallery
  • creating reports
  • setting up categories
  • assisting in the creation of email marketing campaigns and lists
  • assistance with email
  • Email Marketing Migration
  • CRM Migration
  • Extending the CRM database
  • Preparation/optimization of images for website
  • Adding catalogues
  • Help in creation of a web app upload file
  • Changing auto responders and system messages


This support plan DOES NOT include but can be arranged for an additional fee:

  • 3rd party integration requests
  • new feature requests  (these will be added at a per feature cost)
  • designing an email newsletter template
  • sending out email marketing campaigns
  • managing workflows
  • entering customer data
  • search engine optimization
  • changing layouts
  • Monitoring comments on blogs and/or announcements
  • Responding to website user’s requests
  • Changes to API Implementation
  • Changes to Java Script/jQuery code



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"We at Dominator Websites are proud to be members of these Chambers of Commerce!"

"We at Dominator Websites are proud to be members of these Chambers of Commerce!"

"We at Dominator Websites are proud to be members of these Chambers of Commerce!"